'Dog the Bounty Hunter' Star Reveals Scary At-Home Mishap

Dog the Bounty Hunter star "Baby Lyssa" Chapman is thankful to have walked away mostly unscathed following a terrifying mishap at home. The reality TV star, who is the daughter of famed bounty hunter Duane "Dog" Chapman, recently recounted her scary attempt to pick fruit from her papaya tree at home, which left her at "Papaya 1 Lyssa 0."

Chapman opened up about the incident in a Twitter thread Wednesday, revealing that she was left with a few scrapes and incredibly thankful to be alive after she was left stranded on the roof of her home during her attempt to satiate her papaya cravings. The reality TV personality has a papaya tree growing in her yard and decided she wanted to pick a few of the tropical fruit, though completing the task was difficult given that the tree is "quite high." According to Chapman, she "thought, 'Hey I'll just jump on the roof and pick from there,'" a thought that nearly proved disastrous.

Continuing her story online, Chapman said she used a ladder to climb onto the roof of her home, though the ladder was "about two feet away from the roof top so I gave a little hop." As she was pulling herself onto the roof, "the Ladder fell." After putting in the effort to reach the tree, Chapman decided she wasn't leaving without her prize and "decided after picking fruit I'd deal with how to get down." Complicating the situation was the fact that she had left her phone back on the ground connected to a speaker "blaring 80s rock music."

"I quickly determined no one was coming to help. So I decided the gutter would be strong enough to hold me," she wrote. "As I hung there unsure of which was more terrifying- The gutter giving way or letting go and falling to my doom, it dawned on me…. I LEFT THE DAMN PAPAYA ON THE ROOF."


Chapman made a last-ditch effort to at least retrieve some of her prized fruit, quipping that she "could only reach one small one and literally robbed myself of the fruits of my labor." By the time she safely made it back to the ground, her "tummy is scraped ( and maybe my ego)." Chapman went on to bestow some newfound wisdom on her followers, writing, "I can definitively say that picking fruit from your rooftop alone is never a good idea," and proving just how treacherous the task was, she shared a photo of the papaya tree in question and the roof she had to scale down.