Dog the Bounty Hunter Reveals Rare Baby Photo of Himself

Duane 'Dog the Bounty Hunter' Chapman surprised fans on Saturday with a rare photo from his [...]

Duane "Dog the Bounty Hunter" Chapman surprised fans on Saturday with a rare photo from his childhood. The reality star and bounty hunter posted an old black and white picture on Instagram, showing himself as a toddler sitting on the toilet. The picture was wrinkled, cracked and frayed at the edges, giving many fans an influx of analog nostalgia.

"Ok I started it let's see what YOU looked like when you were 1," Chapman wrote on Instagram. The post drew a lot of cheerful laughs from fans and commentary about Chapman's family. Fans have watched Chapman's children grow up before their eyes on his various TV shows and have read about his own upbringing in his memoir. Still, seeing it for themselves was a whole different experience.

"So cute. I see a resemblance of Leland," one fan wrote, referencing his oldest son. Another added: "The most adorable 1 year old who grew up to be the most amazing man," while a third joked: "First time I've seen u with short hair."

Chapman was born in Denver, Colorado in 1953, meaning this photo was likely taken in 1954 or so. Today, the 68-year-old is known for his signature mullet and distinctive outfits as he chases down criminals on TV. His latest series is called Dog Unleashed and is expected to premiere some time this year.

Chapman's most recent series was called Dog's Most Wanted, which aired on WGN America from late 2019 to early 2020. However, the network was in the middle of a major re-branding at the time, which is now almost complete. Almost all of WGN's original programming was dropped in favor of news-oriented shows.

The short life of Dog's Most Wanted was bittersweet for fans because it was the last TV appearance of Chapman's late wife, Beth. Beth Chapman passed away in 2019 after a prolonged battle with cancer. She will not appear in the new series.

Dog Unleashed was announced back in September, according to a report by Deadline. It will premiere on a new streaming service called Unleashed!, which is led by former talent agency executive Ivo Fischer. The service will cater specifically to fans of crime shows, including true crime, docu-dramas and unscripted series like this.

Dog Unleashed is set to premiere on Thursday, April 1 on Unleashed! The streaming service itself is available now, and Chapman's website has a special offer allowing fans to get an entire year for $49, rather than paying a monthly fee.