'Dog the Bounty Hunter' Daughter Bonnie Chapman Calls 2019 'Worst Year of My Life' After Mom Beth Chapman's Death

Dog the Bounty Hunter daughter, Bonnie Chapman, took to social media to share several good and bad memories from 2019 with her fans via Instagram, calling it "the worst year of my life." Along with several difficult moments for Chapman, by far one of the most heartbreaking was losing her mom Beth Chapman. She recounted the moment she saw her mom lying in the hospital bed and what that did to her, but made sure to note how "thankful" she is that her sweet mom is cancer free now.

"On June 22nd, I hopped on a plane to Honolulu. My mom was in a medical induced coma. My mother had told me last November she had a year left, and it not being November I genuinely thought she was gonna be ok. Until I saw her. This is very hard to relive, but seeing my mother in a hospital bed, skin and bones, it shook me to my core," she wrote.

"To see her so weak was one of the worst things I have ever experienced," she continued. "We really weren't prepared. I had gone to therapy for 2 years preparing me for this very moment, yet I wasn't ready.

"My mother had woken up at one point, I apologized for being such a brat and she shook her head and assured me I wasn't. That's my last memory with her. A memory that comforts me sometimes, when I feel like I wasn't a good daughter," she explained. "I checked up on my mother although we were states apart, I made sure to love her no matter what."

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She ended her bit about Beth saying, "To this day my heart aches for my mama, I miss her. Every cell in my body misses her. I know she's in a better place with no pain, and that's all I could want. Is to see my mom cancer free and happy. I'm thankful she's cancer free now, and pain free. I'm sad to never see her again, but I wear her ashes around my neck everyday since. She's still with me."


Other moments she mentioned was losing her best friend by suicide. She also lost a pet and managed to get stitches for the first time after an accident. She dropped out of school and said she failed at her first business. But through all the pain, she also highlighted a lot of happy moments that year brought her as well. Chapman ended the note by thanking the challenging year for helping her grow as a woman. Now, Chapman uses makeup as an outlet to channel her emotions.