Dog the Bounty Hunter's Daughter 'Baby Lyssa' Chapman Allegedly Struck Officers During Arrest

"Baby Lyssa" Chapman has run afoul of the law. The daughter of Duane "Dog" Chapman was charged on Monday, Feb. 3rd with "intent to harass, annoy, or alarm" the two arresting officers, Kevin Rojas and Alema Everett. According to court documents obtained by The Sun, Chapman "did strike, shove, kick, or otherwise touch" the two cops "in an offensive manner" as well as subjected them to "offensive physical contact, thereby committing the offense of Harassment."

The charges come following Chapman's arrest in Kaneohe County, Hawaii, on Jan. 30, which she previously told The Sun happened after "got into an argument with her girlfriend, though they weren't being violent about the altercation.

Chapman said she "put her arm up to the police officer to stop them from coming in, but added that "the situation was definitely escalated by the police and they were very rough with me."

She was released on $600 bail following the arrest, though she has said she'll be filing a complaint about the pair of arresting officers.

"The whole thing has been really upsetting," Chapman said. "I'm sorry and embarrassed. It's just been a stressful time for me and my family."

The "stressful time" she's referring to is likely about her father's ongoing relationship with Moon Angell, a longtime family friend and former assistant to his late wife, Beth. After Beth passed away from cancer over the summer, Dog has been in deep mourning and has apparently sought solace in Angell's company.

While Dog's previously denied any romantic involvement, Chapman has... not been shy about sharing her opinion of Angell.


After a recent appearance on The Dr. Oz Show, where the reality star appeared to propose to Angell in the heat of the moment to Angell, and though the two are decidedly not engaged, Lyssa called the family friend a "con artist" on Twitter. Back in January, she also tweeted that while her dad can make his own decisions, "you can guarantee that my name is not going down in history as a person who supported this."

In fact, she hasn't even let the news about the arrest stop her, as Chapman was tweeting about "friends and enemies" prior to the arrest, which seemed like a clear reference to the drama between Angell and her father. She even went so far as to post a photo of her late mother not long after, which was accompanied by a hashtag for 'what a real woman looks like.'