'Dog the Bounty Hunter' Daughter Bonnie Chapman Says She's 'Unemployed and Broke' Amid US Coronavirus Pandemic

Like so many Americans across the country coping with the impact of the coronavirus disease, COVID-19, Dog the Bounty Hunter star, Duane Chapman's daughter, Bonnie Chapman is having her fair share of difficulties amid the ongoing national emergency. In a tweet posted Saturday night, the 21-year-old took to Twitter to reveal just how bad things have gotten for her since the president, Donald Trump announced on Friday the practice of "social distancing," while recommending many to stay home as a means to help curb the spread of the contagion.

As a result of the precautionary measure to help flatten the curve and reduce social interactions among others, including situations where large gatherings could take place, many companies have closed up shop or reduced hours for the benefit of its citizens. Overwhelming more than hundreds of thousands of middle-class workers, Bonnie is also affected, sharing on Twitter how "it's a really bad time" for her to be "unemployed and broke." But looking for that silver lining, she adds, at least she has "toilet paper."

The tweet raked up a number of encouraging responses from fans, who too related to the former reality TV star, with many loving her sense of humor amid the chaos. While it might seem odd to some, toilet paper has been the one thing selling out in more than just North America following the news urging citizens to stay home. According to Business Insider, Walmart, Amazon and Target are close to slowing their roll on toilet paper inventory as panicked citizens overspend on the item.

"Hang in there, Bonnie," wrote one fan. "You are a survivor with an amazing legacy of strength and resilience and FI-YAH running thru (sic) your veins ! You got this! Things will get better!"

"Same here," wrote one fan with a laughing emoji. "Out of business and income but I can wipe tho (sic)."

"Wanting to help, not sure how," added another. "Swagbucks is a good way to earn some extra spends. Not a get rich thing but a pay for a weeks shopping here, some gas in the tank there kinda deal."

"Girl I have a job and can't find no toilet paper," added another. "Texas has gone crazy!"


While Bonnie is certainly not the only one impacted by the coronavirus outbreak, the pandemic has spotlighted the devastation marring low-wage and hourly workers in the world — many of whom will find trouble making ends meet for themselves and their families. As of now, the Trump administration, per the Wall Street Journal, is working to negotiate an economic stimulus package that could help those between the poor and middle class as more people quarantine themselves to avoid falling ill. No word yet on when that will go into effect.

Photo credit: Getty Images