Derick Dillard Seemingly Shades Jim Bob Duggar Over Keeping Reality Show Money

Derick Dillard has some interesting things to say about father-in-law Jim Bob Duggar, especially [...]

Derick Dillard has some interesting things to say about father-in-law Jim Bob Duggar, especially when it comes to the finances surrounding 19 Kids and Counting and Counting On, amid longstanding rumors that Jill Duggar's husband and father are feuding.

Things kicked off this weekend under a pinned tweet from 2017 on Dillard's Twitter profile: "Don't compromise your values for your voice." There, a fan asked if it was true that the Dillards had asked TLC to pay for the hospital bill surrounding the birth of their son, which prompted a response from the former reality star.

"I thought it was fair to ask in negotiating... TLC made lots of money in filming a birth special episode, and they had not offered to pay us anything. So I thought, at the very least, they could reimburse 5-10K for medical expenses," he wrote. "TLC sure made more than that off of us."

Another fan asked, "So why does jimbob get all the money for the show and doesnt give any to the his children? the actual stars of the show," earning a sassy response from Dillard, who didn't deny the financial implications.

Another fan wrote in a tweet, which they since have deleted, "I've been hearing a lot of rumors about a falling out between you and Jim Bob. I hope it's not true!" When asked to be more specific by Dillard, they continued, "Over the last several months there have been a lot of comments on various 'fan sites' that say you and Jim Bob had a falling out and that there's a lot of tension between Jill and her father."

Dillard then replied cryptically with a tweet of his own.

All this shadiness had Dillard's followers asking him to release all the inside information on the Duggar family in some kind of tell-all book.

"Please write a 'tell all' book. You could make some big money," one responded. "So glad you and Jeremy [Vuolo] got Jill and Jinger away from that circus."

Another echoed, "Derick, if you wrote a tell all you'd make bank."

Photo credit: M. Sharkey / Getty Images