Duggar Husband Posts Anti-Transgender Tweet Again Despite TLC's Disapproval

Jill Duggar's husband Derick Dillard is once again spouting what appears to be transphobic rhetoric, despite being reprimanded in August for bullying transgender teen Jazz Jennings of the TLC show I am Jazz.

In the somewhat cryptic tweet, which features a stock photo of an apple, Dillard says, "This is an Apple. You can dress it up like a banana, but it's still an apple... #FactsFirst."

Twitter users were quick to equate the tweet with things Dillard had posted in the past about trans people. In August, he responded to a tweet from TLC promoting Jenning's show about life as a transgender teen.

People were quick to hop on Dillard for bullying the 16-year-old LGBT advocate, and TLC soon released a statement saying that the network, which also produces the Duggar family's show Counting On, did not agree with Dillard's opinions.

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Soon after, OK! Magazine reported that a source told The Hollywood Gossip that the network "was not pleased" with his transphobic comments and "may be looking to axe him and his family from the show."

"My feeling is that they'll probably get axed soon because of this Jazz situation," the source explained. "(Derick) opened up a can of worms that he never, ever, ever should've cracked a lid on."

Dillard was all but absent from most of Counting On's most recent season, which ended Monday.


He received similar backlash from fans about his latest tweet.

TLC has not addressed his latest statement and has also not yet renewed the next season of Counting On.