David Eason's Rumored 'Boo Thing' Brittany Walker Spotted by Fans After 'Teen Mom 2' Alum Re-Locks Instagram

Teen Mom 2 fans are growing suspicious of David Eason's new selfie with a "mysterious woman" by the name of Brittany Walker. Following a very public split from Jenelle Evans, some on social media believe Eason is already dating a younger woman, though Eason has since denied the reported development.

Teen Mom 2 fans have been intently watching how Eason handles his split from Evans, but this weekend the fandom flared up with reports he was seeing Walker — a college nursing student and single mother-of-two from Nashville, Tennessee. Walker posted a photo of herself with Eason on Instagram, and screenshots soon began spreading, initially shared by Twitter user, @pinkypalmXo, who has since deleted the photo captioned, "David's boo thing from Tennessee added the picture of them to her Instagram."

The selfie, now posted to an Eason parody account, shows Walker and the former reality star huddled close together, with her arm across his midsection. A filter made their eyes bigger and brighter, with butterflies over their heads. It is too close up to see exactly where they are, but a child's face in the background makes it look like they might be in the front seat of a car.

Fans began speculating on social media at once, digging up Walker's old posts and her Facebook profile. Eason's Instagram profile is back to being private, so only approved followers can see his posts. However, when they reached out to him, he said there is nothing between him and Walker.

"[Laughing my a— off] that's just someone I met when I was in TN. Lots of [people] ask for pics." Eason wrote in a screenshot of a direct message to an Instagram account called "Teen Mom Shade Room."

"It looks like y'all [are] in a car with her son [laughing my a— off]," the fan responded.

"Oook Is that alright with you?" Eason responded sarcastically.

In subsequent messages, Eason noted that die-hard Teen Mom fans "really think [he is] crazy," but said that in actuality he is "probably one of the nicest people you will ever meet... if you met me."

"What I don't appreciate is people prying into my personal business. Or like your TMZ buddy who kept asking questions that made me want to punch hi throat. I give out the energy in which I receive, come at me sideways and you will probably leave sideways. Come at me normal and that's what it will be," he wrote. "Ask anyone who has ever approached me, I'm 1,000 times nicer than Jenelle."

As for his rumored romance with Walker, Eason said that fans are way off on their interpretations of his personal life as well.

"It seems like you believe everything you hear, trust me you will be blown out of the water when you find out the truth about me," he wrote. "[By the way] the main person I'm talking to is a black girl so yeah definitely not that blonde chick."


Walker has not addressed the rumors of a relationship with Eason on her own social media profiles, and her Facebook does not list any relationship information.

Photo credit: Getty Images