Danielle 'Bhad Bhabie' Bregoli's Snapchat Reality Show Was Watched by 10 Million Viewers in 24 Hours

Danielle Bregoli’s venture into reality TV is proving to be a hit.

The Dr. Phil “Cash Me Outside" girl turned Bhad Bhabie rapper is now a full-fledged reality TV star, and her Snapchat reality series, Bringing Up Bad Bhabie, has the ratings to prove it.

Debuting on the popular app’s Discovery page on Feb. 4, the first episode drew in a total of 10 million unique viewers within its first 24 hours, according to TMZ. Those numbers are a record for a Snapchat reality series, the program having launched back in October, and also blow its competition on other networks out of sight, with a representative for Bregoli stating that Keeping Up With the Kardashians averages 1.5 million views per episode.

It had been revealed back in January that Bregoli, who had signed a deal with Atlantic records only months earlier, had signed a deal with production company Invent TV for a reality series documenting her music career and personal life. At the time, the series was said to be in production with “several networks” interested in bringing the series to the small screen. Snapchat eventually picked up the series for a 12-episode run.

“Within six months, 15-year-old Danielle Bregoli aka Bhad Bhabie went from sleeping on the floor of a trailer to being the youngest female artist to ever make the Billboard Hot 100. Today, she is one of the most iconic young rappers in the world. We follow her explosive life as she lives it unfiltered,” an official description for the series read.

In the weeks leading up to the premiere, Bregoli promoted the series with a number of interactive billboards along Los Angeles’ Sunset Strip, in which passersby could scan the barcode at the bottom of the billboard with their phones and bring Bregoli to life on their phone screens. The augmented reality billboards featured more than 15 unique video clips of Bregoli “calling out passersby, oncoming traffic, dog walkers, and more.”

The first official trailer for the series dropped shortly after, giving fans their first glimpse into Bregoli’s current life.

“I'm the bad kid that my mother can't control,” Bregoli said in the trailer. “I went from sleeping on the floor of a trailer to having a gold record in six months. So now I got two managers, a bodyguard, my mom. They think I’m their baby, they don’t want to let me grow up, but f–, it’s time.”


“Y’all want to know what really goes on? I’m here to f–ing tell you,” she added.

Bringing Up Bad Bhabie’s early success is reportedly encouraging Bregoli to venture further from her rapping roots, with her reportedly now looking for TV and movie roles. The series, along with her other revenue streams, including a makeup endorsement deal with CopyCat Beauty, could see her bring in more than $10 million in yearly earnings.