'Dancing With the Stars': Sailor Brinkley-Cook Stunned by Wendy Williams 'Insane' Claim Mom Christie Faked Injury

Sailor Brinkley-Cook clapped back at Wendy Williams' theory Christie Brinkley faked her injury on [...]

Sailor Brinkley-Cook clapped back at Wendy Williams' theory Christie Brinkley faked her injury on Dancing With the Stars. The 21-year-old model took over her mother's place on the ABC reality competition series after the 65-year-old had a bad fall during rehearsals and broke her arm. Williams made headlines earlier this week when she claimed the injury was all for show.

"It's so insane to me," Sailor told Entertainment Tonight while rehearsing with her partner Val Chmerkovskiy. "I can't even find comments because it's so real to me, the emotions are still so new."

Sailor opened up about the morning Christie called her with the news of her injury, also asking her to take her place in the competition.

"Getting that call from my mom [about her injury] ... she was sobbing, crying," she said. "She was so disappointed because she couldn't do it anymore. She wasn't even crying because she was hurt, she was like, 'I let everyone down. I won't be able to keep going on Dancing With the Stars.'"

"And I was like 'no mom,' and I had to comfort her in that and be like 'but you had your experience just let that go, you know you had such a great time. No one is disappointed in you,'" Sailor added.

The model revealed Christie is still there to help as she recovers from her injury.

"I ran out of workout clothes so like I'm going up to her room and wearing her clothes, it's literally exactly like I'm doing it for her and wearing what she would wear," she told the outlet. "I only thought I would be here for like five days so I brought like 3 pairs of workout clothes."

Chmerkovskiy also spoke with ET and revealed Christie might be involved in one of his and Sailor's upcoming dance numbers in the future.

"I think we should let her recover for a second and then most definitely, I would love to involve her," he said. "Again, it's Sailor's call, but I think as much as we can involve Christie once she recovers, the better."

Williams made headlines when she said Christie's injury looked "fake as hell" during the Season 11 premiere of her talk show Monday. She also said the move was planned in order to get Sailor on the show.

Christie denied the claims in an emotional interview with PEOPLE, saying: "I'm totally shocked, because I have been there for Wendy Williams. That is so weird. I have to give her a call... I'm really stunned."

Dancing With the Stars airs Mondays at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.