'Dancing With the Stars' Pro Gleb Savchenko's Ex-Wife Has New Accusation Against Him in Custody Case

Gleb Savchenko's ex-wife, Elena Samodanova, has requested a change to the former couple's custody agreement due to his "long work hours and travels" and claims the Dancing With the Stars pro "refused to amend the schedule amicably." In court documents filed Monday that were obtained by PEOPLE, Samodanava requested primary custody of their daughters, Olivia, 11, and Zlata, 4, citing her ex-husband's frequent travel and busy schedule.

"I agreed to alternate parenting time every five days. Soon after the judgment was signed, [Savchenko]'s schedule changed and he was not available to take care of our daughters. Due to [Savchenko]'s long work hours and travels in 2022, he is unable to exercise custody pursuant to current parenting plan," she claims in the filing.

Samodanova also requests her children live with her on all weekdays and alternating weekends when Savchenko is in Los Angeles for more than one day. The pro dancer has been touring with DWTS: Live since January, and is expected to wrap on March 27. "I have facilitated visits when [Savchenko] is in Los Angeles and has the time to see our children as his schedule allows. I will continue to do so," Samodanova said in court documents, which will be reviewed at a hearing set for March 21.

Samodanova made a similar filing last year asking for full-time physical custody of their daughters and additional child support due to Savchenko's busy schedule. In January, the ballroom pro issued a statement regarding "misinformation" being spread about him. "While I was hopeful to keep our divorce amicable and private for the sake of my children, I feel I must now respond to set the record straight," he said.

Clarifying his DWTS tour schedule, Savchenko said with the current 50/50 custody split he would have "allocated time" with his children during five of the weeks between Jan. 3 and March 27. "Furthermore, I have no plans to teach in Mexico, and no plans to participate as a judge in DWTS Sweden. Those statements are categorically false," he continued. Samodanova responded in a statement of her own that she was "unsure" why her ex was speaking about their custody battle in public, but that she would "refuse to play a part in any of it."


"Protecting my children and their well-being has been my only concern. And I will continue to do so," she continued. "I decided that their quality of life should not be put into jeopardy because of our decision to divorce. Nor should they suffer due to our schedules. ...As their mother, I am available to care for them and should while Gleb is on the road working. Bottom line. End of discussion."