'Dancing With the Stars: Juniors' Viewers React to Judge Mandy Moore's Feedback

Dancing With The Stars: Juniors viewers gave rave reviews for judge Mandy Moore's feedback to dancers, while some were a little surprised to learn that the choreographer and the singer Mandy Moore are not the same person.

Some fans loved Moore's judging so much that they wished she could be on the adult-version of Dancing With The Stars.

"Can Mandy Moore (@nopenother) always judge #dwts?! Not just #dwtsjuniors?! Love her feedback style," one viewer wrote.

"Mandy Moore is a brilliant judge," added another.

"The one thing I love about #DWTSJuniors so far is that mandy moore (the choreographer) is finally getting the airtime she deserves," another dancing fan wrote.

"I hope they consider Mandy Moore as a permanent judge for the adult version sometime. She's very straightforward and knows what's she's talking about," a Twitter user wrote.

"Mandy Moore a judge such a pleasure to see," another added.

A handful of viewers were a little confused to learn that Moore is not the same person as the actress who stars on This Is Us.

"Why am I the only one who appears to have been confused about Mandy Moore the choreographer versus Mandy Moore the singer... Literally no idea they were different people until tonight," one viewer wrote.

Moore has worked on both Dancing With The Stars and Fox's So You Think You Can Dance. She won the Emmy Award for Outstanding Choreography for her work on DWTS Season 23 in 2017 and for her SYTYCD work earlier this year. She also choreographed the dances in the Oscar-winning musical La La Land.


New episodes of Dancing With The Stars: Juniors air on ABC Sundays at 8 p.m. ET.

Photo credit: ABC