'Dancing With the Stars': AJ McLean Suffered Wardrobe Malfunction During 'Psycho' Dance

Monday night's episode of Dancing With the Stars was full of scares and screams, courtesy of the competition's Villains night. AJ McLean and Cheryl Burke performed a Psycho-inspired tango routine during the episode, complete with the Backstreet Boy dressing up like Norman Bates' mother at the beginning of their dance. But, as Burke noted on Twitter after the performance, there was a bit of a wardrobe malfunction during their routine that fans may have missed.

On Twitter, Burke thanked fans for voting her and McLean through to the next stage of the competition. She also gave viewers a little bit of insight into their performance. The professional dancer gave props to McLean for pulling off an International Tango, as it isn't an easy dance to master. As she continued to write in her Twitter thread, not only was the singer likely thinking about his partner, who suffered an injury during rehearsal the day before, but his wig flew off at the top of his performance. "He had no clue until he was trying to pull off Norman's wig while dancing with me, his injured partner," Burke wrote. "AJ handled this with pure professionalism and I give him a 10!"

Just as Burke mentioned, the two were indeed focused on their routine, but they couldn't help but think about the fact that the pro dancer suffered a head injury the day before Monday night's episode. During their stage rehearsal on Sunday, Burke lost her footing while they were practicing, causing her to fall back and hit her head on the ballroom floor. In a clip that aired during the show, McLean explained that the accident happened "so fast, I just heard her head hit the floor." He immediately went over to the dancer to see if she was alright. A medic was later called to the scene and they told Burke to take the rest of the day off. Of course, as viewers are aware, Burke was able to persevere despite this injury and perform alongside McLean on Monday night's show.

On Twitter, the dancer gave fans an update on her head injury. "An update about my injury: my adrenalin got me through last night, I only started feeling the repercussions of my fall when I woke up this morning," she explained. "Today I have been pretty sore, but there’s no sitting on the sidelines for me!" In a subsequent tweet, she added, "I'm going to push through and will deliver a beautiful and emotional dance with my friend, family and dance partner, [AJ McLean]. Next week, the competition steps up again for a double elimination, and we’ll need you more than ever!"