'Dance Moms' Alum Jojo Siwa Slams Co-Star Brooke Hyland Over Abby Lee Miller Shade

Former Dance Moms star Brooke Hyland has no interest in reconnecting with Abby Lee Miller on Facebook, as she shared in a TikTok clip earlier this week. Jojo Siwa, who has stayed loyal to Miller over the years, was not happy with the shady clip and made sure Hyland was aware. The back-and-forth between the two came a few days after Miller surprisingly announced she was done with the controversial Lifetime series that made her a star.

Earlier this week, Hyland shared a now-deleted TikTok clip in which she showed a Facebook friend suggestion she received for Miller. Hyland turned her phone camera around to show her disgusted reaction. She shook her head and cringed. Siwa believed Hyland could have just ignored the message. "It's one thing to just not add her back, it's another to post it," Siwa commented on the video.

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Hyland and her younger sister Paige Hyland both appeared on the first four seasons of Dance Moms, but left the show after Miller got into a physical altercation with their mother, Kelly Hyland. In 2014, Miller pressed charges against Kelly, but the charges were later dropped. Kelly filed lawsuits against Miller and Collins Avenue Entertainment, the show's production company, accusing them of defamation, assault, breach of contract and emotional distress. One lawsuit sought $5 million in damages. One lawsuit, filed on behalf of Paige when she was 13, was dismissed, while another ended in a settlement in 2015.

As for Siwa, she is still supportive of Miller. Just last week, she told Us Weekly she is still in contact with Miller and said she "really is a good person." Siwa said Dance Moms "would not have been the same without" Miller, who people either love or hate. Siwa said it was impossible for her to hate anyone. "It's sad. You don't need to give her the credit for everything, but you also can be a human and have a little bit of sympathy," Siwa said. "She's gone through it in these last years, and she doesn’t have that many people. It's just sad... I try to be there for everybody, you know? There's enough love!"

Miller was sentenced to a year and one day in prison in 2017 after reaching a plea deal in her bankruptcy fraud case. Miller was released from custody in May 2018, and was brought back for one more Dance Moms season. In 2018, she was also diagnosed with Burkitt lymphoma, a type of non-Hodgkin's lymphoma. Earlier this month, she told fans on Instagram she was done with Dance Moms after nine years. "The next few weeks will be about exploring new projects at a new home," she wrote. "It’s an exciting time and more announcements to come!"