'The Masked Singer' Revealed The T-Rex and It's a Former 'Dance Moms' Star

Yet another performer in Group C of The Masked Singer was eliminated on Wednesday night's episode. After seeing the likes of the Bear and the Swan sing their literal swan songs, Rhino, Night Angel, T-Rex and Astronaut battled it out for a spot in the Super Nine. After rousing performances from the four competitors, the T-Rex was unmasked and revealed to have been former Dance Moms star JoJo Siwa.

Now that the T-Rex has been eliminated from the competition, the rest of the competitors will go on to join the remaining masked singers from Groups A and B in order to compete in the esteemed Super Nine. In previous weeks of the competition, viewers were shocked to see that famous figures such as Sarah Palin (the Bear) and Bella Thorne (the Swan), were involved in the masked singing fun. Following her time on the show, Thorne even discussed why she wanted to try her hand at the FOX series. As she explained in an interview with Entertainment Tonight, the former Disney starlet wanted everyone to get a feel of what her live voice sounds like in advance of the release of her third studio album, What Do You See Now?.

"I really wanted to do [The Masked Singer] because I just really want people to hear my live voice compared to my live voice on my album that'll come out this year," Thorne told the publication. "But really, I was so nervous I was gonna hate it, 'cause I'm a scaredy cat. Openness, live singing, live in front of everybody, like, I'm singing Peggy Lee, I'm nervous, what if they don't like my voice? The judges are judging me, oh God! I was so scared."

As she went on to relate, Thorne had a blast during her time on The Masked Singer.

"I'm like, 'Oh I loved that show. That was really fun, guys, wasn't it?'" she recalled telling her team following her time on the show. "The producers and production, everybody was like, super, super sweet. It's just a really well taken care of show."


Elsewhere in the interview, Thorne addressed why she chose to don the Swan costume during her performances on the FOX series.

"They gave me quite a few to choose from, [but] I didn't see anything super tomboy or rockstar," she told ET. "And because there wasn't anything super tomboyish, I thought, I have to go to the opposite side of the spectrum, which is super girly. And then I was like, that's good, because a lot of fans don't think of me as girly."