'Counting On' Star Jinger Duggar's Latest Instagram Post Puzzles Fans

Jinger (Duggar) Vuolo is confusing fans on social media from her latest Instagram.

The Counting On star seems to be following in other Duggar family members' footsteps and starting to use her social media channels to make money. But her latest photo praising a Dallas coffee shop has her followers wondering if they are getting a look at her actual life or a paid advertisement.

In the photo, Vuolo sits next to a beautifully decorated Christmas tree while her baby sits on her lap and she expertly holds a branded YETI cup.

(Photo: Instagram/Jinger Vuolo)

"[Herbs House Coffee] Great vibes, great coffee!" She captioned the photo. "The place to go for good coffee in Dallas..." She also added the hashtags #dallastexascoffee, #herbshousecoffee, #pickmeup, #bestspotintown, #txcoffeeshop and #honeylatte.

According to InTouch, the family is known among fans for refusing to label their sponsored posts with the #ad hashtag, making it hard for fans to figure out when they are looking at paid content and when they are seeing something authentic.

Frustrated, some fans took to the comments section of the Instagram post to criticize the language in Vuolo's post.

"Wow, is this a commercial?" one fan asked in the comments.

"Looks like a paid ad," another user commented.

A third joked that there was no way that it was an ad for Herbs — because, actually, it was "an ad for YETI," the maker of the (Herbs branded) coffee cup that Jinger is holding.

"This looks like it would be sponsored by YETI," another fan agreed.

Despite the confusion, many other fans did not seem to mind what was going on and simply enjoyed the new photo from the reality television personality.

"Why are EVERYWHERE in TX and I never see you! My daughter would fall out if I ran across you guys," one user commented.

"She is so gorgeous!!! Such a perfect blend of her two beautiful parents!" wrote another.

Another user commented on baby Felicity's pose that was too perfect not to notice. "Hahha do you see Felicity's fingers? Looks like she is throwing up a peace sign. so cute."

"What a beautiful picture of two beautiful girls! Merry Christmas to you and your family!"

Other fans started to suggest other places for Vuolo to visit the next time she found herself in Dallas.

"You guys are constantly on the road," one person noticed.


"Sweet little girl and mama is a beauty, God Bless you all his Christmas," another user commented.

Photo credit: Instagram / Jinger Vuolo