'Counting On': Joseph and Kendra Duggar Dish on Their First Time Alone Together

Counting On followed up the wedding of Josiah Duggar and Kendra Swanson with a honeymoon between Joseph Duggar and his new bride Kendra Caldwell.

The couple married back in September, but they decided to hold off on a proper honeymooon for a bit. However, the wait was worth it. They jetted off to Greece for an international getaway unlike any they had ever been on.

"It will be different that from other international trips I've been on because it's just gonna be Kendra and I," Duggar said. "I'm not traveling with 20 other family members."

That remark triggered a bigger discussion about how the couple is adjusting to married life and being alone together. The pair had never spent any time alone before due to the Duggar family's courtship traditions, which means at least one chaperone was with them at all times.

The couple revealed that they were a bit put off by the experience, but they eventually got adjusted to their new situation.

"The first time we were together alone was really different," Caldwell wrote. "We were like, 'Woah this is strange,' but I think after just a few days, we got used to it and it, and it just became more of the norm and so, it wasn't very hard at all and we enjoyed it."

"Before we were married, we never were alone together and we always had a chaperone," Duggar added. "We enjoy being married."

As far as becoming intimate, the interviews did not get too dicey. However, they did reveal that they have at least kissed each other at the time.

"We've been able to kiss and practice it," Caldwell said. "And not just hold hands and side hug."

Another interesting bit that came out of the episode was when Caldwell was discussing her marriage with a fellow tourist in Greece. She explained that her husband comes from an extremely large family.

The tourist then asked how many kids the couple, who have since given birth to a son, wanted and if they would try to also have a large family.


"We don't have a number," Kendra said.

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