'Counting On' Star John David Duggar Gives Pregnant Wife Abbie a Pedicure in Exclusive Clip

John David Duggar made sure to give pregnant wife Abbie the full spa treatment from home as the couple awaited the birth of daughter Gracie. In a PopCulture.com exclusive preview of Tuesday's all-new episode of Counting On, John David proves he may be the most romantic of the Duggar husbands as he treats his expectant wife to a pedicure.

"With the due date approaching, the baby could come really just any day now," John tells the camera ahead of the January birth of Grace Annette. "We got our bags packed, we're ready to go to the hospital at any moment." The excited father explains he's ready to give Abbie some extra care as it's become more "difficult" for her to reach her feet.

It turns out that this isn't John David's first pedicure, as he explains he's been doing Abbie's nails since they were engaged. "[You're] sweet to do this for me," she tells the TLC star, who responds that he enjoys the process. "You're gonna do our little girl's nails when she comes," Abbie continues. "She's gonna think the world of you."

John David's skills with the brush are putting his family members on blast, as a producer asks brother-in-law Ben Seewald if he's ever given wife Jessa (Duggar) Seewald a pedicure, to which he answers no. Joy-Anna (Duggar) Forsyth has had a similar experience with husband Austin Forsyth. "He hasn't, given me a full pedicure," she tells the camera. Austin attempts to defend himself, "Yeah, I haven't given her a pedicure, I've painted her nails before her, fingernails and toenails --" but Joy chimes in, "One time."

Even the family's patriarch, Jim Bob Duggar, hasn't taken on the pedicure challenge. "I've went and rubbed Michelle's feet quite a bit; it's one of her favorite things. But not enough though," he says, offering to paint his wife's nails if she wants. Michelle answers, "He's never painted my nails, because I'm not real big on fingernail polish and painting nails and stuff, personally."


The lack of cuticle-softening experiences doesn't mean the Duggar husbands are slouches. Jessa explains, "I request a back massage, and [Ben] gives a really good back massage." Joy-Anna adds of Austin, "He massages my feet a lot though, not 'cause he does really wants to, but 'cause I ask him. If we're being brutally honest."

John David and Abbie welcomed their first child in January, announcing the birth of baby Gracie on social media. "We are quite smitten by our new bundle of joy and are soaking in all of her little newborn snuggles!" the proud new parents gushed at the time. For more sweet moments from the Duggars, watch Counting On, airing Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET on TLC. For more about the Duggar family from PopCulture, click here.