'Christina on the Coast': Christina Anstead Celebrates 'Next Step in Moving Forward' From Tarek El Moussa Divorce

Following a contentious divorce from ex Tarek El Moussa, Christina Anstead was ready to move on completely, even if it meant physically moving two children and a dog into a brand new home.

In Thursday's all-new episode of Christina on the Coast, the Flip or Flop star's new HGTV series, Christina made the big decision to place the gorgeous Yorba Linda home she previously shared with her ex-husband for sale.

"Anyone who's been divorced knows that staying in the house, it just holds a lot of old emotions," she told the camera. "Selling the house is going to be a big step in my own independent direction."

Breaking the news to son Brayden, 3, and daughter Taylor, 8, wasn't as easy, but with the help of then-beau, now-husband Ant Anstead, Christina was able to push through.

"I'm excited to tell Taylor and Brayden that we're gonna move," she continued. "I think part of Taylor's going to be a little bit nervous, but overall it's the best decision for our family."

Taylor managed to be bribed into enthusiasm with the opportunity to design her own, brand new ocean-themed room, but told her mom, "I'm just going to miss this house a lot. I mean I lived in this house for four years."

Gearing up for seemingly endless open houses, Christina was shocked to get an offer just a week after placing her home on the market.

"When I listed the Yorba Linda home for sale, I didn't anticipate that it would sell in a week," she admitted to the camera. "Having an offer on the house is very exciting — it's also very stressful, because we don't have a place to live, but I'm excited it's the next step in moving forward."

"I'm not even sure how that's gonna feel," she explained of moving everything out of her home and into another, "but no matter what, our next chapter has officially started."

Since the show filmed, not only has Christina sold her Yorba Linda home, but she's moved into a brand new house with husband Ant and soon enough, their brand new baby.

The birth of Christina and Ant's little one won't be shown on Season 1 of Christina on the Coast, but Christina told PEOPLE ahead of the series premiere that there will be plenty of real moments in her life shown on the HGTV show.

"This is the authentic me, unfiltered, just how I want to do a show," she told the outlet. "I'm an executive producer. I help write every script. I approve everything. It's just been an incredible experience."

"My 2018 journey is wrapped up amongst the episodes of amazing [design] transformations [for clients]," Christina continued of the show's journey. "So basically, the viewers are gonna follow along with everything I was doing — selling my house in Yorba Linda, on a house hunt in Newport Beach, getting engaged, my wedding will be the finale."

"I just feel lucky that I even got to do it, because it's not work," she added. "It's just fun."


Christina on the Coast airs Thursdays at 9 p.m. ET on HGTV.

Photo credit: Instagram/Christina Anstead