'Chrisley Knows Best' Star Todd Chrisley Struggles With New Diagnosis

Todd Chrisley may be taking his new diagnosis only semi-seriously, but he's miffed that his family isn't giving him any sympathy.

The Chrisley Knows Best star sought the help of a podiatrist during Tuesday's all-new episode of the USA reality series after suffering from extreme foot pain.

"When I go to put pressure down on it, it hurts so bad that I really want to cut it off," he told his doctor, adding to wife Julie, "I have no idea what's going on with me. I mean my right foot is killing me. I can't even stand for [Julie] to touch me, and we know there's a problem when that can't happen."

Cutting through Todd's dramatics, his doctor quickly narrows down the cause of his potential discomfort after asking the reality personality what kind of fluids he drinks in a day. Todd's response? Two sweet teas from McDonald's by noon and then two to three Cokes throughout the rest of the day.

When the doc pointed out that none of the fluids Todd just listed were water, Todd retorted, "They all have water in them!"

A question about vegetables went much the same way: "I eat french fries and bakes potatoes."

The doctor determines that the Chrisley patriarch is suffering from gout, which is when uric acid forms crystals in the joint that can eat at the bone if let go too long. The causes? Overindulgence.

"I mean who would think someone who looks as good as I do and treats their body as good as I do would have some s— like this."

He was pleased, however, to hear that the disease has historically been associated with royals.

"Leave it up to me to have a royal disease, because I don't have common diseases," Todd said.

And despite the other Chrisleys not paying the head of their family much mind as his rested his foot on an embroidered "royal" pillow and wheeling around in a wheelchair, Todd proved he was willing to do anything, even hire someone to insert an IV in his arm, to avoid "that nasty a— water."

But in the end, Julie decided she was willing to concede some of her "toughen up" attitude to save her husband's feelings, baking him a gout-friendly pie.

"To see my family step up to the plate and decide to make me a pie, I think that's amazing," Todd said at the big reveal, adding that he was going to rethink his sympathy for his other family members so that "God doesn't make [his] foot fall off."

Oh, Todd!


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Photo credit: Twitter/Chrisley Knows Best