'Chrisley Knows Best': Savannah Chrisley Frustrated With Dad Todd's 'Awful' Attitude During Pageant

Savannah Chrisley was feeling seriously fed up with dad Todd as the Chrisley Knows Best star worked to direct her first pageant under his watchful eye.

In Tuesday's all-new episode of the USA Network series, Savannah set off for California with her parents to prove herself as the Event Director for their Miss California USA Pageant. And while mom Julie Chrisley was more than happy to see her daughter take over the reigns and spread her wings, dad Todd wasn't so sure.

"Savannah has worked so hard, but she's green, so I know at some point she's going to need my expertise," he told the camera as Julie rolled her eyes.

"Todd, she's going to be fine," she told him, earning his reply, "Yeah, 'cause I'm going to be there to make sure of it."

Bristling at Savannah bringing on her own ideas to the pageant activities, Todd later lamented to his wife, "Who does she think she is anyways?"

"She's a mini you," Julie quipped back.

As the pageant drew closer, Savannah admitted she was growing tired of her dad showing up late and distracting the pageant women, saying, "Dad's attitude throughout this whole experience is awful. I just need him to do certain things, and he either doesn't want to do it or he pouts. So at this point, I'm just tired of it."

Confronted about his attitude by Julie, Todd got real about his stubbornness, admitting, "I'm not used to not being in charge, so it's hard to figure out what to do with myself."

"You know that I have always been there for her," he continued, adding that while he always wanted his daughter to grow up and be independent, "Now I'm realizing, what am I supposed to be doing if I'm not doing everything for them?"

Upon hearing her husband's vulnerable confession, Julie reassured him that while he might be off the hook when it comes to raising his daughter at this point, Savannah "wants nothing more than to make you proud."

"So ditch the attitude and let her shine," she warned.

Backing off, Todd was quick to acknowledge his mistakes to his daughter and praise all her work on the pageant circuit.

"It's a hard pill to swallow when you know your daughter doesn't really need you anymore," he told her. "I mean, I've raised you to be a very strong independent woman ... and you've turned exactly into what I've worked my a— off to make you."


Chrisley Knows Best airs Tuesdays at 10 p.m. ET on USA.

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