Chip and Joanna Gaines Share Details of New TV Show

A year since the end of fan-favorite series, Fixer Upper, Chip Gaines and Joanna are giving fans an update on their return to television!

The home-improvement experts are planning to launch their own network, replacing Discovery's DIY network, in the summer of 2020, featuring shows that will dive into the lifestyle, wellness and design elements that have made millions fall in love with the family.

The couple revealed in an interview with USA Today that the network will also include their own signature series, which is expected to go beyond renovating homes.

"The difference moving forward is Jo and I are going to be able to tell more of our life stories," Gaines said. "And so, as opposed to it being a very narrow vein in our universe, which is obviously construction and design and the things we do for a living, for us we feel like there’s a more holistic story to be told here, and that’s what we’re going to focus on."

The network will also come with its own website and streaming service, and will represent a new chapter for the beloved reality television couple following the end of Fixer Upper and a short hiatus to focus on other projects, and raising their baby son, Crew.

"We really wanted a break," Gaines told the newspaper. He later added that the inspiration for their own network came out of the success of their Magnolia Journal quarterly magazine.

"We loved this idea of connecting with people in a different way," Joanna said, "telling other people's stories, curating content. It felt to us a lot like what we do love with the magazine, but on a different playing field."

Gaines revealed the couple fielded many offers for their new concept, but ultimately chose to work with Discovery.

"They have that unique authenticity, and there just aren't that many of them," Discovery CEO David Zaslav told the outlet. "They have real views and opinions on bringing up children, on cooking, on diet, on faith, on education, on design. They have a lot to say."

Gaines and his wife Joanna first spoke of their exciting new venture in November during an appearance on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.

"We signed a non-disclosure and it said quote unquote you can tell your mother, but that's it," Gaines said at the time. "So mom, I just wanted to make a quick announcement, we are coming back to television. You are going to get to see the kids grow up, you are going to see us — well maybe a six-month delay like the rest of the world — but we are excited to be back."


Will the younger Gaines generation — Drake, 14, Ella, 12, Duke, 9, Emmie, 9, and Crew, 9 months — have their own spinoffs someday?

"We talked about this together," Joanna told USA Today. "The kids are very aware of what this is and why we’re doing it. If the kids want to be on it, they’ll be on it. They're just all getting to this beautiful age where they’re starting to figure out what they love, what they’re passionate about. When they were younger, when we were doing Fixer, it was natural for them to be on my hip. As they got older, we just never wanted to force the scene, we always told our kids, 'If you want to be part of this, we'll put a mic on you.' If the kids want to do it, we would gladly welcome it, but we'll leave it up to them."