Cheyenne Floyd's Daughter Is out of the Hospital, and 'Teen Mom OG' Fans Are Relieved

Cheyenne Floyd, one of the young mothers who appears on Teen Mom OG, has fans breathing sighs of relief after revealing that her daughter Ryder is coming home from the hospital. The toddler was hospitalized due to her very-long-chain acyl-CoA dehydrogenase deficiency (VLCAD), which means her body can't break down certain kinds of fat. Luckily, doctors were able to get this latest flare up in check, as Floyd revealed alongside a series of selfies with her little girl. Fans soon left a bunch of comments wishing Ryder well.

"Yay!!!! Love ya baby girl," one fan wrote. "Chey a break is right around the corner."

"I’m studying to be a genetic counselor and I can’t wait to help little beautiful kids like her!!" a second user added. "I'm so happy she is feeling better! Sending lots of love."

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going home!! 🙏🏽✨❤️

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"Yay! I hope Miss Ryder gets and stays healthy," a third fan wrote. "It's so hard when they are little and you have to worry about more than just getting the flu. My son has underlying medical issues too. And it's been a roller coaster. You got this mama."

"Your mini me! Glad y’all are going home," added another.

Floyd also took a second to respond to some of the question left on the photo, clarifying her condition and some of the family's whereabouts.

"How's is this little cutie doing??" one fan wrote, to which Floyd replied, "She's good."

"Does her dad still see her??" added another, to which she responded, "Of course."

A third commenter asked, "How we many days have you been there?" with Floyd clarifying the length of the stay: "Three."

The young mom, who also appeared on MTV's Are You the One? opened up about the medical scare on Dec. 12, also describing how Ryder's VLCAD has changed her life as a mom.


"Advice for All parents! Please sleep when your baby is sleep," Floyd wrote. "We have to rest our bodies and mind too so we can keep our strength for them. I was always bad at listening to probably some of best sleep advice someone could give me. From the day I brought Ryder home from the hospital, I loved watching her sleep, observing the sounds she would make, memorizing the way she would hold her arms or how she would pout her lips. When I found out she had VLCAD I would have to force myself to sleep when she did but all I wanted to do was watch her.

"Her condition has taught me so much! Educationally and medically I’ve gotten a crash course but it’s also taught me how to tap into my mom super powers. I’ve learned how to be an advocate for my child, how to care for her, and how to speak up for her when needed. It’s been 2.5 years and now three hospitalizations. Ryder is my heart and I would never change anything about her. I don’t think I’ll ever stop watching her sleep. We will be here the next few days making sure she gets the proper fluids and doesn’t relapse again. We appreciate all the prayers and kind words. God is so good and we are always covered in blessings."