Watch: Chelsea Houska Breaks News of Her Exit to 'Teen Mom 2' Co-Stars

Chelsea Houska’s final Teen Mom 2 episode aired last week. Now, she’s set to say her goodbye to her fellow castmates at the two-night reunion beginning on Tuesday. MTV shared a clip of Houska letting everyone from Kailyn Lowry to Leah Messer about her and husband Cole DeBoer’s decision to step away from Teen Mom 2. “This is going to be my final season and final reunion,” Houska begins to tell her castmates in the clip.

“It is definitely bittersweet and it’s bitter that the last one is here like this and we’re not all together.” Dr. Drew Pinsky, who has been a part of the series since the start, chimed in by saying he was sad to hear the news before asking her why she chose now to make this decision. Houska responded by saying she “got a bad feeling in her stomach watching” this past season and that it feels like it’s a good time to “close the chapter” of her life.

Houska is expected to give birth to her fourth child in early 2021. She said that also factored into her decision. Briana DeJesus offered her thoughts on Houska’s decision, letting her know that she wishes her good luck in future endeavors, while Messer said she is happy that they are making “the best decision” they can for themselves. The only one who was really caught off guard appeared to be Jade Cline, the newest member of the series, who said she didn’t expect this and felt that she may be inclined to stick through the series with everything going on.

Lowry seemed to be the most distraught about the decision since the two were among the core of the Teen Mom series. “I do think it’s going to be a little bit of a weird dynamic without her since we’ve been doing this together for 10 years but I’m really excited to see what opportunities she has once she moves on,” Lowry explained. She added that the two text frequently so she had an inclination this was coming, even telling her beforehand that if she felt a “weight was lifted off your shoulder” then it’s the right move to make. The Teen Mom 2 two-night reunion will air on MTV at 8 p.m. ET on Tuesday and again next Tuesday.