Carson Daly Cuts His Own Hair Live on 'Today' While Working From Home

Carson Daly took his desperate need for a haircut amid the coronavirus pandemic into his own hands live on the TODAY show Wednesday, taking clippers to his hair with the help of celebrity hairstylist Chris Appleton. As co-stars Hoda Kotb, Savannah Guthrie, Al Roker and Craig Melvin looked on with horror, Daly recruited 11-year-old son Jack to get the back of his hair as Appleton gave directions over the phone.

Taking on his "very bushy, very Michael Landon-y" hair with a trimmer, Daly's colleagues struggled to contain their reactions as he kept moving his head to supervise the cut with a hand mirror. In the end, however, by keeping the trimmer slow and steady, Daly ended up with a pretty even trim. Keeping your at-home haircuts to a trim is advisable, Appleton added, until salons are able to reopen and do the more dramatic cuts professionally.

Daly has been providing plenty of lighthearted entertainment for the millions of people stuck at home amid the pandemic. Tuesday, he and wife Siri introduced their 12-day-old daughter, Goldie, to the world on TODAY, calling her a "beacon of hope" amid these difficult times. Siri added that Jack, as well as and daughters Etta, 7, and London, 5, have welcomed their baby sister with open arms.


"She is the little pot of gold at the end of our family rainbow, and she came obviously at a much-needed time with what's happening in the country, so she's been a wonderful distraction," Carson said, with Siri chiming in, "The kids love her. They're like little mothers and fathers to her. They can't get enough, and they're so helpful. It's the silver lining in all of this to have all of us home together because they just snuggle her up and grab binkies when needed and burp cloths."

Carson explained he was happy to have the extra time at home with his family, but noted, "It's a really bittersweet event as we all know because we're all hunkered down in our homes. I work to be home, and now that I'm home all the time and I get this unprecedented time with my wife and my kids, it's great, but it comes at such a cost because there's so much life that's been lost. There's so many people that are hurting, so it's almost hard to appreciate all this time with your family when you're mindful of what's happening to other people in the world."