Carson Daly Reveals 'Sleep Divorce' From His Wife Siri Pinter

Daly 'highly recommends' the unique sleeping arrangement.

Carson Daly reveals that he and his wife have a unique sleeping routine. During the TODAY show's Solar Eclipse event on Monday, the morning show host told PEOPLE that he and his wife, Siri Pinter, spend a lot of time sleeping in separate rooms more than once a week, which he refers to as a "sleep divorce."

"The object is to stay together. That's what we'd like to do," Daly said. "And so reverse engineering that, it's like -- by any means necessary, for the two of us, [we want to] still be in a relationship when we're dying."

The TV personality said that he and Pinter "both secretly love" their unconventional sleeping habits and that their marriage is characterized by a "whatever it takes" attitude. "It's been good for us," Daly said regarding their "sleep divorce." "We don't do it all the time, but a couple of days during the week -- especially if I want to watch an Islanders hockey game kind of later at night -- I go into the guest room, she retires upstairs to read her book or watch a show."

He continued that before going to their separate beds, they said, "Goodnight, I'll see you tomorrow." "It just takes a lot of attention out, and it works," Daly told PEOPLE. "So I highly recommend sleep divorce."

When the Voice host first talked publicly about his and his wife's sleep divorce in 2019, Pinter was pregnant with their fourth child, Goldie. "We're both pretty good-sized humans and it just wasn't really working when she was in her third trimester, and I also have sleep apnea, which is very sexy for the ladies out there, I'm sure," Daly said in a 2020 interview with PEOPLE. "She couldn't get comfortable, so we were like a commercial you would see, kicking each other and just not sleeping."

"We woke up, and we just shook hands like, 'I love you, but it's time to sleep divorce. It'll be the best thing for all of us,'" he recounted. The couple met in 2005, married in 2015, and have four children: Jackson, 14, Etta, 11, London, 9, and Goldie, 2