'Big Brother' Veto Winner Blows Away the Competition in BB Comics Challenge

Level 6 is keeping control of the Big Brother house for another week. After Kaycee Clark won the Head of Household earlier this week, she doubled down Wednesday, winning Power of Veto and ensuring things would go her alliance's way at the eviction Thursday.

Kaycee put up former FOUTTE member Haleigh Broucher and floater Sam Bledsoe during the nomination ceremony Sunday, which some fans called a boring move, but was just another solid step forward for the alliance reaching the final four in the CBS reality show.

"No matter what, I'm staying loyal to Level 6 and we are riding this out to the end — final four," Kaycee told the diary room cameras.

Haleigh, who has a good personal relationship with the pro football player, even understood why she was on the block, having lost her only remaining alliance member, Faysal Shafaat, two weeks ago.

"Shocker," she said of being nominated, noting that her only chance this week is to win the Power of Veto. "If I thought I needed it in the past, I definitely need it now."

Despite being reassured that she was only a pawn against Haleigh, Sam did not take being on the block well, noting that she was trying really hard not to "lose [her] s—" in a diary room confessional.

Meanwhile, JC Mounduix was trying to whisper in Tyler Crispen's ear that Brett Robinson was targeting him and Angela Rummans if he won HOH next week, which the controversial player admitted was a lie designed to keep Level 6 from putting him up as a replacement nominee if Sam or Haleigh were to pull off the veto win.

But Crispen wasn't to be fooled that easily, telling the cameras, "I know exactly what he's doing, and it's only making it easier for me to want him as the replacement nominee."

In the end, it all came down to the veto competition, which pitted the players against one another in the fan favorite BB Comics competition. Kaycee blew everyone in the house away in the obstacle course with a time four minutes faster than her next closest competitor, leaving no doubt who would be the winner from the start.

And with Kaycee pulling off yet another competition win, all the debate about replacement nominees was for naught, as she decided to keep her original line-up the same on the block.

So who will be going home this week, Haleigh or Sam? And how will the Double Eviction Thursday affect the game?


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Photo credit: CBS