'Big Brother' Veto Competition Spells the End of Former Alliance

FOUTTE is no more. After Kaycee Clark took home the veto victory in Wednesday's Big Brother, one of the former alliance's two remaining members will be sent to the jury house during this week's eviction ceremony.

Head of Household Angela Rummans made a bold move to nominate both Haleigh Broucher and Faysal Shafaat — the only two remaining members of the FOUTTE alliance — for eviction during Sunday's episode of the CBS reality series. The showmance couple had no hope of saving themselves unless one won the veto competition, which would have allowed them to take one person off the block and campaign for the other's safety in the house.

"This is definitely worst case scenario," Fessy told the camera. "Another blindside."

"But we can't focus on that right now," Haleigh added in her own diary room confessional. "All we have to do is win that veto."

And while the two were determined to save their own skins in the veto, they were up against Angela, Kaycee, JC Mounduix and Sam Bledsoe — of which Sam was the only one with the slightest chance of taking them off the block upon winning. The strategy didn't get that far, however, when Kaycee narrowly took a win in the Vetonium-centric slime-filled space challenge, despite football coach Fessy's confidence in his ability to win.

"I feel like I won a championship game," Kaycee said after her victory. "I beat Fessy, now Level 6 has full control of this week. Let's go!"

Kaycee, a member of Level 6 and one of Angela's tightest friends, vowed that she wouldn't change the veto nominations, and decided to keep both Fessy and Haleigh on the eviction block, with Fessy as the target for eviction due to his capability in the past to take himself off the block by winning veto competitions in the past.

"I'm not too worried about Haleigh," Angela told the camera smugly. "We can take care of her next week."

But it looks like one half of the couple is planning to pull something last minute to stay another week.

"I guess what makes me the most sad," Haleigh told the camera, "is the only option I have is to try and integrate myself, spend the week hanging out with these people who really don't even want me here and leave the person who's had my back the entire time. It just sucks."

Will Haleigh leave Fessy in the dust for her own game as Fessy mopes about their situation?


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Photo credit: CBS/Sonja Flemming