'Big Brother' Removes Houseguest at Last Minute

Big Brother Season 24 already has a casting shakeup! Just hours after the summer reality show announced its new cast of houseguests, and just a day before the premiere, Big Brother announced Marvin Achi will no longer be participating in this season of the CBS series. He will be replaced by backup houseguest Joseph. 

"Important casting update! Marvin will no longer be one of our Houseguests on this season of Big Brother," the show shared on Twitter. "We're excited to welcome Joseph, a 24-year-old lawyer from Lake Worth, FL. to the #BB24 cast!" Big Brother didn't announce a reason why Achi was no longer participating in the show, but fans speculated immediately it could be due to his involvement in America's Got Talent this season.

Achi not only auditioned for Season 17 of the NBC talent show, he was also voted through to the Judge Cuts round. This would mean being available for live shows taking place at the same time he would possibly be in the Big Brother house or Jury House. Big Brother host Julie Chen Moonves teased that the first night in the Big Brother house could be enough to send anyone packing, however.

"I think the big headline is [that] the first live eviction night is going to be unlike any eviction night we've ever had because it may not be one of the people that you think that ends up getting bounced that night," she told Us Weekly Tuesday. "These houseguests aren't going to learn of this new twisted twist until that night. So your head is gonna be spinning this season."


"There are so many twists and turns this season and challenges that are so much harder that you're gonna have a hard time just figuring out how to survive in the house," the longtime host hinted. This year's Big Brother house also has a very "mid-century Palm Springs feel" with neon lights that has Chen Moonves calling it the BB Motel. "You can check in, but you can't check out. You don't really wanna check out. You don't wanna get evicted. You wanna stay in the BB Motel," she said with a laugh. "So it has that whole feel to it this year. Retro." Big Brother Season 24 premieres Wednesday, July 6 at 8 p.m. ET on CBS.