'Big Brother': Kemi Faknule Takes Down Rivals Ahead of Live Eviction, and Fans Loved to See It

Big Brother fans were living for Kemi Faknule's speech ahead of her live eviction to Camp Comeback. Thursday's new episode saw the second live "eviction" of the season, which sent Faknule to the second camp but not before she read the people who betrayed her live.

The episode picked up with the aftermath of the veto competition, as houseguests left out of the biggest alliance of the season got together to talk game. Cliff Hogg III, Ovi Kabir and Nicole Anthony decided to name their new alliance The Fellowship of the Zing, and decided to stick together and hope Kabir eventually gets back in the game.

Hogg made a grave mistake, however, after he woke up early and monologued his entire game. Christie Murphy overheard him talking about the Fellowship and pinned her and Tommy Bracco as a fourth couple. Christie then went to her alliance and spilled all the details she had heard, making Gr8ful even stronger.

The reveal that Bella Wang was the one to betray Faknule and Jessica Milagros led to tension in the house before the elimination. Fakunle went to Jackson Michie and clarified Wang's true intentions, which seemed put the target on the Gr8ful alliance member's back.

Wang also took a big swing by telling Sam Smith that he was not involved in Gr8ful, thinking telling him would secure his alliance for her. A disgruntled Smith went to HoH Jack Matthews to ask if he could change his vote for Milagros, and Matthews mistakenly revealed Gr8ful's name to the trucker.

Before the eviction, Faknule impressed fans and the houseguests when she called out Nick Maccarone and Wang for playing behind the scenes to sabotage her.

The moment did not work to sway the vote to keep her safe, as she was evicted by a 10-1 vote.


Despite fans hoping for Gr8ful to be at risk next week, Macarrone won the Head of Household competition surely keeping himself and Wang safe for now.

Big Brother will air a new episode Sunday at 8 p.m. ET on CBS.