'Big Brother' Fans Divided on Tyler Crispen, Angela Rummans Showmance

As the competition on season 20 of Big Brother heats up, so is the romance between fan-favorite Tyler Crispen and Angela Rummans.

With Haleigh Broucher and Scottie Salton on the chopping block for the week, the reign of the Level 6 alliance continues to play out, but the fandom is split when it comes to the current Head of Household's love for one of his closest allies.

The show first insinuated at the beginning of a relationship for Rummans and Crispen last week, when Crispen admitted in a confessional that he was starting to develop feelings for Angela, though he was not willing to risk so-far flawless game to get involved with another player.

"She's still cute though," Crispen said during Thursday, August 30's episode.

During Wednesday's new episode, the romance seemed to heat up as Big Brother cameras showed the two houseguests cuddling in the HoH room and even sharing one kiss.

"I feel like me an you are so similar," Crispen told Angela as they cuddled. "You just don't really see my savage side anymore."

Crispen said in a confessional that he and Rummans were growing closer as the two continued to win Head of Household and other competitions back-to-back.

"We've been hanging out a lot and getting pretty close," Crispen said, before b-roll showed JC Mounduix coming to interrupt their conversation. "But that sure as hell doesn't stop everyone from barging in on our conversations."

The two even started a game where they would get points every time another houseguest would come in the room in the hopes of catching them in the act.

"If someone asks if we're in a showmance it's two points," Rummans said as Kaycee Clark was showing asking Crispen.

However after they bonded over the houseguests speculating about them, Crispen admitted to Rummans he had a crush on her.

"Everyone wants to know if there's a showmance, might as well give the people what they want right?" Crispen said, as the show moved to a night view look of the pair kissing in bed at the Head of Household room.

Fans of the series were not all thrilled with the growing showmance, as many thought the showmance seemed "forced."


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