'Big Brother' Gives Fans New Power in Shocking Twist

In Big Brother Season 20, the fans have the power.

Host Julie Chen teased throughout Wednesday's season premiere that the season's tech theme would carry on outside of the Big Brother mansion, but fans were left waiting until the very end to discover what kind of influence they have on the 16 players who are battling it out for $500,000.

Swaggy C won the power to save two groups of four from elimination during the first set of challenges, a twist in and of itself. (He chose to save the group he entered the house with — Rockstar, Brett, Rachel, Kaycee, Scottie, Hayleigh and Faysal.)

But there was another twist. Chen soon unveiled the BB App store, which allows viewers at home to influence the game in a pretty significant way.

"It's up to you, America, to decide which house guest is trending the most by answering questions about them," Chen said. "Each week, the house guest who gets the most votes will be trending and will choose a special power from the BB App Store. And no one but that house guest will know who won."

And that's not it. "Whoever receives the least votes will receive a punishment," Chen continued.

The BB App Store is accepting votes until 9 a.m. PT on the day of the next episode, and is open to U.S. residents 18 and older.

Each person gets 10 votes while the polls are open, and can cast a vote on the CBS Messenger Bot, available on Facebook, Kik, Skype and Twitter.

You will be asked to answer each question with your choice of player:

- Which Houseguest is most entertaining to watch?
- Which Houseguest is annoying you the most?
- Which Houseguest's gameplay is most fun to watch?
- Which Houseguest is the funniest?
- Which Houseguest has you screaming at the television?

For more information, visit CBS.com/BBvote.


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Photo credit: CBS