'Big Brother': Dr. Will Kirby Receives COVID-19 Vaccine

As the COVID-19 vaccine rollout continues, many medical professionals are finally getting access to the vaccine. Health care personnel are prioritized in the first tier of vaccination due to their constant exposure to the virus and the work that they do for the public. One of the people who have gotten the COVID-19 vaccine is Dr. Will Kirby, dermatologist and winner of Big Brother 2.

Kirby posted about his experience on Instagram, writing "I chose to get the #covidvacccine," before listing his reasons for getting vaccinated. "1) Help to create herd immunity 2) Speed up the recovery for small businesses 3) Save lives 4) Protect my family, friends, and my community 5) Move the world forward to defeat #covid_19 6) Share my personal experience and reassure everyone about the safety of #covidvaccination."

Considering the current percentage of Americans planning on getting the COVID-19 vaccine is only at about 60%, it's a positive thing to have someone with a social media platform showing how safe and effective the treatment is.

Kirby has been a Big Brother mainstay since the second season in 2001, returning to compete in Big Brother 7 and showing up as a surprise neighbor in Big Brother 22: All Stars. Kirby also hosts the jury roundtables every season of the show since Big Brother 15. Since his time as a Big Brother villain, Kirby has started a family and a business.

"I’m much more well known these days for being a key opinion leader in the aesthetic dermatology industry than in the reality television industry," Kirby told Sarah's Scoop. "It’s a falsity to think that someone can only be a world-class expert in one field. My main personal objective is being a great dad/husband and my main professional goal is to bring world-class aesthetic dermatology services to as many people as possible. I’m a board certified dermatologist with sub-specialization in aesthetic dermatology and I’m the chief medical officer of the nation’s leading aesthetic dermatology group, LaserAway. We have 50 clinics and are growing at a rapid pace. My life is all about bettering my family, friends, and co-workers, colleagues, neighbors, and patients!"