Bethenny Frankel Recounts Scary Experience With Uber Driver

Real Housewives of New York City cast member Bethenny Frankel is demanding that ridesharing company Uber fire one of its employees after a "psycho" driver frightened her Monday.

Frankel recounted the story to her Twitter followers, saying that the driver "demanded" he come to her and raised his voice after refusing to pull into her driveway or help with her bags.

"I just had a PSYCHO @Uber driver refusing to pull in driveway & help [with] bags & demanded I come to him raising his voice," she wrote.

"I've never done this ever, but [with] the state of the world I'm demanding uber fire him today or I'm going to lose my sh-t. #wrongdaywrongb-tch," she continued.

When one fan responded that she shouldn't expect Uber drivers to help you with your bags, she clapped back defending her reaction.


"He was so [belligerent] and mean that it scared me in light of recent nyc incidents," she said. "But thanks for your bitterness."

Uber did respond to Frankel's tweet, asking her to fill out a detailed complaint form about her experience. But many fans weren't buying the Housewife's trauma.