'Bachelorette' Alum Jed Wyatt Talks His 'Low Spot' After Hannah Brown Engagement Ends in Scandal

Jed Wyatt is opening up about life post-Bachelorette after his romance with Hannah Brown ended with drama when she learned he had not broken up with his girlfriend before coming on the show to fight for her hand in marriage. In a new interview with Us Weekly, the former reality personality explained he hit a "low spot" creatively and personally as Bachelor Nation reacted to the scandal.

"With how crazy everything was, it was honestly kind of hard for me," he said of getting back to playing music. "My head was just so out of everything. The only thing that I really felt like doing was like being alone or journaling or going fishing … for some reason I couldn't get the pen to paper to write or be creative like that. It was just such a low spot. I'd sit down and try to write, try to play and my head wasn't in it."

Months later, Wyatt says he feels "a lot better" and like he's "coming out of the clouds with everything."

"And I've been looking so forward to this," he said of getting back on stage. "It's nice to finally get out of my place and do this and be around other people doing it and have that kind of motivated feeling again."

Wyatt also added he felt the backlash from people over his motive of promoting his career by appearing on The Bachelorette was "taken out of context a little bit."

"I feel like I was upfront and honest with it, with her, in the beginning, about the whole music thing," he added.

After Brown learned of Wyatt's girlfriend, Hayley Stevens, who came out during the show's airing to reveal the Nashville musician had told her he loved her and wanted to be with her following The Bachelorette, she called off their engagement in private, confronting him on After the Final Rose about the betrayal.


"When that trust was broken, my feelings really just were broken with that," she explained at the time. "I don't love you like that anymore."

Photo credit: Raymond Hall/GC Images, Getty