'Bachelorette' Hannah Brown Makes Her 'Bachelor in Paradise' Debut

Hannah Brown may have just had a dramatic finish to her time as The Bachelorette this season but [...]

Hannah Brown may have just had a dramatic finish to her time as The Bachelorette this season but it doesn't mean she's had enough of the reality world just yet.

The still-single Bachelorette had a messy split from fiancé Jed Wyatt at the end of this season, followed by a short fling with contestant Tyler Cameron where he was spotted leaving her place after the live reunion special. That was only a tease, though, as Cameron was spotted on a date with Gigi Hadid only a few days later, leaving Brown focusing on "being single" according to reports.

That leads to Bachelor in Paradise and Brown's appearance on the show. It might seem like she is appearing on the show to continue her search for love, but you'll be disappointed if you tune in to see that happen.

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As Newsweek points out, the current season of Bachelor in Paradise was filmed long before the live finale of The Bachelor and possibly before Brown's dramatic split from Wyatt. The outlet says that Brown and Wyatt may have still been engaged from the finale at this point in production for Bachelor in Paradise, so there is no time for love during her appearance.

Instead, it seems to be related to her friend Demi Burnett who detailed her relationship with a woman back home to Brown during the first episode, declining to define her sexuality according to Newsweek, opting instead to just say she "likes who she likes."

Brown's appearance on Bachelor in Paradise seems to coincide with the shocking arrival of Burnett's girlfriend from back home, adding some drama to her potential relationship with Derek Peth and setting up the show for its first same-sex coupling. Burnett seemed to hint at her status and the relationship on Twitter back in July.

There is also the possibility that Brown is appearing to defend Burnett from criticism related to her recent run on The Bachelorette.

Tanner Tolbert said Burnett was "fully hypocritical" for dating Peth while also having a girlfriend off the show, leading to him comparing her to Wyatt and the controversy surrounding his pre-show relationship.

"Bachelor in Paradise is a special show to me, and I want its integrity to be upheld," Tolbert told Entertainment Tonight. "Demi is being fully hypocritical. On The Bachelorette, she called a guy out on night one for coming in with a girlfriend. I have 100 percent heard from multiple people [including other alumni,] that she [had a plan heading into Paradise]. People were talking about it back in May."

Brown defended her friend and shot down Tolbert's comparison according to ET, tweeting out a convincing argument against it.

"One is my best friend, one is my ex-fiance…. I can tell you first hand, not the same," Brown tweeted.

It will be interesting to see how Brown joins this conversation and if it becomes one of those memorable moments for Bachelor fans for years to come.