'Bachelorette' Hannah Brown Leaves Season a 'Happy Woman,' Chris Harrison Assures

Despite the negative headlines swirling around three of Hannah Brown's four final men, The Bachelorette star leaves "a happy woman," host Chris Harrison assured viewers on Monday's Good Morning America.

Amid allegations that both Jed Wyatt and Peter Weber left serious girlfriends in the lurch to make their fame on the ABC dating show, as well as Luke Parker's general behavior on the show, Harrison hinted that former pageant queen "feels really good about all the decisions she's made" and that "she's happy."

"She's gonna do what's right for her, and I think she has and I think she's happy," he added. "She'll come out on the other side a happy woman."

Hometown Dates during last week's episode were certainly a bit of a roller coaster, especially with Wyatt's family telling Brown they didn't think he was ready to settle down.

"The mom was like, 'All right I don't see this, I don't get this,' the dad was like, 'What?!' The sister flat out says, 'You're crazy if you [get engaged].' So no one in that family believes... he's ready [to get engaged]," he said. "If you don't leave there with a little pause and some red flags, and a little apprehension, you're not human."

Still, he noted, "she's a sucker for a guy with a guitar."

As far as Parker is concerned, Harrison noted that the "villain" of the season has led Hannah on "this crazy rollercoaster ride."

"But she felt so strongly about Luke for a couple of reasons. Yes, she loved to make out with him, but I think their faith... kept them together," he said. "Just when you think he's out, maybe he's back in!"

As for Weber, Harrison appeared to be unaware of the allegations leveled against the fan favorite by his ex.

"We make life so difficult. She just described the perfect man: gorgeous, wonderful family, loving, gentleman, pilot, great job, a great life, great future. What's so hard about that?" he said of the pilot. " You just hopped in the guy's Mercedes and he drove you to his plane to fly around. Why is the show even still on? How can you not figure this out? Yet we make things so difficult for ourselves."

Vulnerability in their relationship, however, made things hard for the two.

"I always feel like he did just enough to stay but not enough to really take that dive," he said. "If he's not the one, I do hope that Peter learned from that and is willing to come back and take that leap and take that risk."

Tyler Cameron, as of right now, is the only member of the final four men not surrounded in controversy, which Harrison felt could be a giveaway as to his compatibility.

"Again, I just feel like she's making it so much more difficult than it needs to be," he said of their relationship. "Tyler is like, 'Here is my house on the water. This is my boat. We are going to be hanging out here on this crystal blue water. I'm tall. I'm gorgeous. I have 90-pack abs.'"

"What are you not sure of?" he continued. "Where to put the SPF and where to rub the sunscreen?"

Regardless, Harrison explained Brown might have been "almost scared" of how well she clicked with Cameron.

"Maybe she loved the bad boys," he said. "There's always that element, you want to change somebody or fix them, I don't know."


The Bachelorette airs Mondays at . 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

Photo credit: Instagram/Hannah Brown