'Bachelorette' Alum Robby Hayes Claims a 'Serious' Relationship With Lindsie Chrisley Ahead of Sex Tape Drama

Robby Hayes broke his silence a few weeks ago when clarifying that he and Lindsie Chrisley did not make an actual sex tape, but now, he's further detailing that what they had was more than just a fling.

"It was more serious than a one time thing, but we never became official," he told Us Weekly. "We went through the dating and courting stages, and we were flirting. I took her out; I took her to baseball games, events that we were both invited to from a public personality aspect."

While it was definitely more than just a one-night-stand type of relationship, he did specify that because of her situation with her ex-husband, Will Campbell, their 10-year-old son Jackson, and her life in Georgia, they never reached a committed stage.

"We never got to that committal stage, and part of that was she's got her life out there with her kid and her ex-husband," he added. "I enjoyed spending time with her but we never got to that. ... We haven't been sexually active with each other in two years, but back then we had a fling."

While they may have had a more-than-friends connection a few years back, the two still keep in close contact. At the end of August, he was the first of the two to break silence on the sex tape issue after Chrisley's father Todd Chrisley accused his daughter of having an affair with both Hayes and former Bachelorette alum Josh Murray.

"We did not make a sex tape," Hayes said on the Bleav in Housewives and Vanderpump podcast. "I'm not sitting there with a camera aimed down and trying to get the angles. Like, we got caught on the security camera, basically. It was a puppy camera in her friend's living room, the couch we crashed on."

Back in August, when Todd accused his daughter of having the affairs, it followed accusations that Chrisley allegedly filed a police report July 16 saying that her dad and stepbrother, Chase Chrisley, "were going to release [a] sex tape involving her."


"It's heartbreaking and shameful that these kinds of accusations have to be aired in public," Todd said in a statement. "We have tried to keep Lindsie's extramarital relationships with Robby Hayes and Josh Murray private for her sake since August of 2016. Sadly, for reasons we can only guess at, she ran to the sheriff's office to accuse her brother of buying a sex tape of her and Robby, which was a complete lie, and now she's telling more lies about me."

However, after that statement is when Murray immediately stepped in to fire back, saying, "I know Todd and his family are going through some tough times right now and I pray everything works out in their favor. They should probably focus on how not to be imprisoned for 30 years rather than spreading gossip to try and hurt their daughter. I truly believe they are good people and I wish them the best in however they choose to go about their actions."