'Bachelor' Alum Michelle Money Holds Bag of Daughter's Brain Fluid as She Updates Fans on Her Condition

Michelle Money is celebrating "so many wins" as 15-year-old daughter Brielle continues to recover from a skateboarding accident last week that has her in a medically-induced coma. The Bachelor alum has been keeping her followers updated on the teen's ups and downs since her accident, revealing in her latest video Tuesday that they had made significant progress in Brielle waking up that day.

"So many wins today! Lots of good things happening! So proud of this kid! She is such a fighter and I know she is trying to wake up!! Love you guys! Xoxo," she wrote alongside one video, detailing in her Instagram Story the exact medical details. "Brielle's CPI is still in the teens BUT we are getting her off Propofol today! She's down from 175 to 40 right now and heading down 10 more every hour! Next to go will be the paralyzing agent! Then the bolt in her head then the other sedatives. This is a 4 day – 2 week process apparently!"

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Also on her Instagram Story, the reality personality held up a medical bag filled with brown-ish clear fluid, which she said was "healthy" brain fluid that had been drained from Brielle's head to ease the pressure on her brain. "If any of you are wondering what brain fluid looks like, that's Brielle's brain fluid," Money said in an Instagram Story, writing over a photo of her holding the bag, "Just holding my daughter's brain fluid! What are you up to?"

Michelle Money brain fluid
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Money has had an overwhelming amount of support over the past week, including from a friend who put together a video comprised of photos of Brielle. "One thing I know for sure is that Brielle can move mountains," Money captioned the video. "This is going to be a tough rehabilitation but she is stronger than any of us even realize. I cannot wait for her to wake up! She has so much more life to live and I can't wait to cheer her on! Last night her numbers stayed in the single digits most of the night! Our girl is fighting right now! I'll give you a more accurate update at the end of today but we are making progress!"