Corinne Olympios Says She'd Give Nick Viall Another Chance If He Does One Thing

Could The Bachelor fans watch a budding romance between Nick Viall and Corinne Olympios after all? Olympios said she'd give her former suitor another chance on one condition.

"If I saw him getting back to the way he was when I first stepped out of the limo, I would seriously consider giving him a chance," the 26-year-old told Entertainment Tonight on Tuesday. "I would meet up with him, have coffee, talk to him and see how he is. He just broke up with his fiance; it can't be easy."

Viall nixed the blonde troublemaker from the running after he went on hometown dates with four ladies, which Olympios says was "a huge mistake."

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"We clearly had strong chemistry," she said of her connection with 37-year-old Viall. But the contestant insisted that Viall's personality changed as the reality show progressed.

"I went up to him, cameras not rolling, and was like, 'I just want to give you a hug before the night ends,' which is something we normally did. He was like, 'K, well, I'm gonna go give out this rose now,' " Olympios recalled.

"It was a slap in the face, like, 'I'm too busy for you right now," she continued. "I don't know why he got like that."

Despite Olympios' terms for reconciliation, she hasn't spoken to Viall since The Bachelor ended.

In that time, the season 21 frontman proposed to contestant Vanessa Grimaldi, then broke off the relationship five months later.

Olympios went on to look for love again on Bachelor in Paradise, but left the show after a scandal ensued between her and co-star Demario Jackson. Despite her accusations that Jackson sexually assaulted her, the two remain close friends.

"I trust him with my life," Olympios said of her former rival. "We talk almost every day."


The pair was seen getting cozy at Maxim's Halloween party on Saturday, Oct. 21, but they maintain that their attraction is platonic.

Photo credit: ABC