Corinne Olympios Reveals She Got Engaged Post-'Bachelor'

Former Bachelor contestant Corinne Olympios recently revealed that she got engaged to an ex-boyfriend last year after splitting up with Nick Viall.

During a recent morning show appearance, Olympios revealed that while the episode featuring her being sent home on The Bachelor aired in January, she was actually sent home in the fall of 2016, according to PEOPLE.

Once she got home, she says that she rekindled a romance with her ex-boyfriend. "I got home, and he showed up at my house with a ring," Olympios said.

Ultimately, their relationship came to an end and Olympios returned the ring he gave her. "I gave it back. I could never keep something like that," she explained.

"It was exactly a year ago," Olympios added. "Literally, yesterday [last year], I got engaged." While she didn't share her ex's name, she did share a few other details about their relationship.

"So I removed two tattoos that I had, because I was engaged to a very religious guy," she recounted. "And he was like, 'I can't marry you if you have tattoos.' [So I] got them removed. Then we broke off the engagement."

Earlier this year, Olympios was tangled up in a massive controversy surrounding her time in Mexico while shooting Bachelor in Paradise.

In the days after it was first announced that the show had shut down production, fans learned that the alleged "misconduct" that caused the halt was between DeMario Jackson and Olympios. Reportedly, the two were drinking heavily, and things started to heat up when they got into a jacuzzi.

Jackson was accused of making sexual advances on Olympios while she was extremely inebriated and potentially unable to consent to what was happening.

He staunchly refuted the allegations and had even called for footage of the encounter to be released, as he believed it would vindicate him.


The situation was investigated thoroughly and ultimately neither party was found to be guilty of any wrongdoing. They have since become close friends.