'The Bachelor' Alum Michelle Money Now 'Considering Other Options' as Daughter's Health Does Not Improve

As fans are likely aware, Bachelor alum Michelle Money's 15-year-old daughter Brielle has been in the hospital for some time now following a scary skateboarding accident. On Sunday, nearly a week after she first opened up about her daughter's condition, Money revealed another update about Brielle, as PEOPLE noted. On Instagram, the former Bachelor contestant related that she and her ex-husband, Ryan Money, may have to consider other options as her daughter's condition has not yet improved.

"Last night was so scary. Brain pressure is up. Considering other options since it can't be managed with what we are currently doing," Money wrote on Instagram, after noting that her supporters' prayers have been working. "However, once I posted to my story asking you to pray, her numbers went down lower and have maintained since then. I believe in the power of prayer." She went onto relate that Sunday is a "big day" for Brielle's well-being, as it marks about a week since she was taken to the ICU and was put on life support due to her injuries.

"Today is a big day. One week since accident. If we can't see a turn for the better today we have to consider a different option and they are not what we want to be doing," the former reality star continued. "It's Sunday. However you choose to spend your day, I would please ask that at 4pm MST, you will stop and pray with my family and me. It would also be amazing if you could just pray all day. Sorry for the emotional video I just don't know what else to do and I'm alone in here and need support."

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About a day before her post, Money's ex-husband, Ryan, shared an update about their daughter on Instagram in which he noted that Brielle had one of the "worst nights" since she was admitted into the hospital.

"The pressure in her brain was almost twice as high as it has ever been," he wrote. "It was a rough night and definitely for the 2 steps forward she had with the Scans yesterday this was a step back. The doctors are not sure why this happened and have been working on her all morning." Ryan went on to explain that Brielle had fluid in her lungs, which has since been sucked out, congestion in her sinuses, and that she was subsequently also at risk of infection.

"we have had a bit of negative news today," his post concluded, before thanking everyone for their support during such a difficult time. "Been a tough one. - THANK YOU again for your prayers - we are using them up."