Audrey Roloff Slammed for Her 'Little People, Big World' Comments on Motherhood

It seems like Audrey Roloff can't say anything without fans lashing out at the new mom.

After Roloff angered Little People, Big World fans last week when she called feeding her daughter Ember Jean formula a "sin," she is in hot water again for something she said about being a mom.

During Tuesday's episode of the TLC show, Audrey opened up about feeling "robbed" of idyllic first moments with her newborn when Ember was having problems with tongue ties and gaining weight. She also mentioned how exhausted she was now that she's a mom.

Despite these being pretty reasonable complaints for a new mom, fans really let her have it on Twitter.

"Audrey has an idealized view of motherhood and anything that deviates from that is unique to her and is 'robbing' her. No. This IS motherhood," one angry fan tweeted.

"Audrey you weren't 'robbed' of anything. This is what parenting is. Life has a way of humbling you," another commented. "I hope you are learning and growing from this. You are not a victim, you are simply a mother. More fortunate than most in fact."

A third chimed in: "Audrey 'robbed' of some moments! What a piece of work. Hey ridiculous poser women have been having babies for centuries & it's not all a fairytale. Your attitude is so s—ty baby hasn't bonded [with] you."

Roloff's tunnel vision is kind of understandable when you look at her experience immediately following giving birth, developing mastitis — a common, painful infection of the breast tissue — a number of times and struggling to breastfeed her baby.

But even father-in-law Matt Roloff, who was sympathetic to her plight and the plight of his son Jeremy Roloff, said in a loving way that the new parents needed to suck it up.

"Seeing your kid hurt when you don't want them to hurt, that's a challenging time," he said during Tuesday's episode. "But seeing my kids go through it, like now you understand the heartache your mother and I went through when you were coming through the rags."


Little People, Big World airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET on TLC.

Photo credit: Instagram/Audrey Roloff