Audrey Roloff Criticized by Fans for Latest Photo With Ember Jean

Little People, Big World reality personality Audrey Roloff is getting a bit of heat on social media after posting an image of herself with daughter Ember Jean.

On Friday, Roloff posted an image to Instagram and Facebook of herself with 3-month-old daughter, Ember Jean in her arms that received some positive reception. However, it was what she and the infant wore that captured the attention by one fan.

"How could you use a Bible verse to sell something?????" one user asked.

While Roloff is considered very open about her faith, the 25-year-old mother-of-one is also quite the entrepreneur selling various forms of attire to promote her brand, Always More — a phrase straight from the Bible, based on the verse Ephesians 3:20.

As the comment implies Roloff is exploiting her religion to make a profit, other fans are actually just getting "sick" of seeing the family, particularly she and her mother-in-law, Amy, trying to sell products on every social platform.

"I love the Roloff family farm and how your show has enlightened the world that little people can do anything. [But] I don't love the fact that every Roloff family member with the exception of Tori and Zach have become salesmen/women," she wrote. "Why this constant push to sell, sell, sell? How much is enough? It would be nice to follow your family on social media without the shameless product promotion. Those who seek more and more are truly poor."

Another chimed in, "Why are you always selling stuff and pushing products? I don't understand that."

Confused about the motive of her sales, another commenter wrote, "Once again trying to make every dime you can. We're VETS, maybe use your fame [to] help disable [vets], ohhh wait you can't make a profit on that!! Nevermind it's all about you guys."


While Audrey has yet to comment on the criticism, she has shared to her blog Auj Poj in the past that "Always More" is a mantra she lives by.

"These words represent the way I strive to live, based on my motives for living that way," she wrote. "These words are always ringing in my ears, or written on my hand as my life reminder. They remind me that this present world and everything in it passing away, yet there is "ALWAYS MORE" to look forward to in the New Heavens (Matthew 6:19-21)."