Andy Dick Gets Body Slammed by Uber Eats Driver

Former Dancing With The Stars contestant Andy Dick was involved in a bizarre fight with an Uber Eats driver Wednesday night. Footage of the fight, which came to a head when Dick's head was slammed against the pavement, came just as he was charged with sexual battery for a 2018 incident with an Uber driver. The comedian could face up to 180 days in jail if convicted.

In the video, published by TMZ, Dick is seen getting into a fight with the food delivery man when another person comes up from behind. The other person grabbed Dick above the shoulders, and lifted him up and slammed him to the ground. Dick's head slammed against the pavement.

Witnesses told TMZ the fight started when Dick, 53, tried to pull food away from the delivery guy. "It's my food now, b–," Dick is heard yelling.

After the fight, Dick tried to walk away before returning to the scene. He then catches the attention of the man who would eventually body slam him to the ground. The man accused Dick of spitting on his friend and Dick can be seen trying to slap the man.

Law enforcement sources told TMZ the Uber Eats driver filed a police report with the Los Angeles Police Department, which is investigating. Dick is now the suspect in the battery case.

Dick defended himself, telling TMZ he never spit on anyone and says the group offered him some tacos. When he tried to get some, they pulled the plate away and he was tackled from behind. Dick said he planned to file his own police report.

This is not the only legal issue Dick is in. Back in April 2018, Dick allegedly groped an Uber driver. According to TMZ, the driver claimed Dick grabbed his crotch. The driver filed a report with the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Office, leading to a police investigation that resulted in the district attorney's office charging Dick with misdemeanor sexual battery.

Back on Sept. 23, TMZ reported that an arrest warrant was issued in March, but police could not find Dick right away. TMZ reported that Dick was scheduled to be arraigned Friday afternoon and faces up to 180 days in county jail if convicted.

In July 2018, law enforcement sources told TMZ a woman filed a police report against Dick for allegedly groping her on the sidewalk in April 2018. The woman claimed Dick squeezed her behind twice and made a lewd comment. The L.A. City Attorney charged Dick with misdemeanor sexual battery and misdemeanor simple battery in the case.

Dick has faced other groping allegations in the past, including one in 2010 involving a bouncer at a West Virginia bar, notes The Associated Press. The charges in that case were dismissed after he finished a pretrial diversion program.


Photo credit: Greg Doherty/Getty Images for Jade Recovery