Andy Cohen Offers Update on Future of BravoCon (Exclusive)

BravoCon has officially come and gone. The second-ever BravoCon took place in New York City in mid-October, featuring all of your favorite Bravolebrities and, of course, the one and only Andy Cohen. During a recent chat with to promote his partnership with Fresca Mixed, Cohen reflected on how the event turned out. Additionally, he shared his thoughts about when fans can expect to head back to BravoCon again. 

When it comes to the second-ever BravoCon event, which took place from Oct. 14 to 16, Cohen is really "excited" about how it all turned out. The TV host said that he had been "really looking forward to it" and that even though it left him a bit "overwhelmed," it was a fantastic experience. He told, "I feel like we built something great. It felt like if you build it, they will come and people came and they loved it. And those five, Watch What Happens Lives that we did, I just absolutely loved so much and it was really great."

Fans can rest assured that Cohen is interested in holding another BravoCon, as he does "hope" there will be another. However, he's not so sure that he wants it to happen at the same time next year. As he explained, Cohen wants to wait a bit before returning to all of the BravoCon excitement. He said, when asked if he was interested in having a third Bravo-centric convention, "I hope they wait. I hope it happens in 18 months as opposed to next year."

During the event, Cohen filmed five episodes of Watch What Happens Live from the Hammerstein Ballroom. His newborn daughter, Lucy, even joined him on stage at one point. The host shared a photo on Instagram of the adorable moment, which featured the little one flashing a smile while seated in her dad's lap. Cohen captioned the photo with, "Bring your Daughter to #BravoCon Day!" While Cohen's son Ben wasn't on hand for the event, the toddler did give his father some post-BravoCon advice, as chronicled on Instagram. After the event, Cohen posted a clip in which he expressed that he was "still tired" after getting a long night's sleep after the three-day extravaganza. He then asked Ben what he should do about the situation, to which he replied, "You just go back to bed!"