Amy Roloff Brings Boyfriend Chris Marek to Visit Hometown

Amy Roloff is taking her relationship with boyfriend Chris Marek to a new level. The Little People, Big World matriarch brought her beau on a trip back to her Michigan hometown that apparently went pretty well based on her social media.

Alongside a photo of the couple looking content cuddling up near the Michigan water, Roloff wrote about how ecstatic she was over their trip.

"So happy I got to show Chris my favorite place to go to in Michigan, besides my folks cabin," she wrote. "Had the best time and made such a memory together. We’ll be back!"

chris marek amy roloff not cropped
(Photo: Instagram/Amy Roloff)

Roloff's followers were glad to see the couple looking so happy.

"There's Chris! I'm so happy you guys are still together! You are a beautiful couple in so many ways!" one person wrote.

"You guys are just fantastic, I smile every time I see a pic of you together," another added.

"Hope that Chris is smitten with the 'Mitten' State. He’s certainly smitten with Amy," a third echoed.

Roloff and Marek first started dating soon after her divorce from ex Matt Roloff was finalized in 2016, and have been loving spending time doing everything from paragliding to taking cross-country motorcycle trips together ever since.

"I never thought I'd be dating as a grandma," she said during the most recent season of the TLC reality show, adding that while she'd love a"lifetime" relationship, she wasn't looking to make things so permanent with Marek yet.

The 53-year-old is currently living her life in what she's coined "Amy's Second Act," which Marek fits right into.

"I think what I like about Chris is he likes doing new things and he's adventurous," she said. "I don't really remember doing a lot of that with Matt."

She continued that with Chris it's been "fun."

And Marek has been careful to build his relationship with the Roloff family slowly.

"I would like to get to know the family better," Marek said on the TLC series. "They're great people, and I want them to be comfortable around me, because I'm usually hanging out at her house when they just walk in. And I want them to be OK with that, because I really like them, I respect them, and I hope they feel the same."

Roloff and Matt's sons Zach and Jeremy seem to like Marek as well!


"Chris seems like a good guy," Zach said in the most recent season of the series. "He seems pretty straight, level-headed, not fake. That's why I like him, because he doesn't try to be my best friend. He's not overly aggressive. He's cordial, and he's just a normal dude."

Photo credit: Instagram/Amy Roloff