Amy Duggar Speaks out Against Family's Controversial Church

Amy Duggar, a cousin of the Counting On Duggar family, spoke out against Bill Gothard and his Institute of Biblical Life Principals, the church her famous family follows.

"I have to be honest, and true to myself by tweeting this. I do not support Bill Gothard and the Institute of Biblical Life Principles in any way, shape or form. I find his 'teachings' extremely questionable," Amy tweeted Monday.

She continued, "I am a Christian. I [believe] in God's good Grace and freedom to be ourselves! God gave us emotions, personalities and He wants us to live our best life. Legalism is the opposite of what my Bible teaches."

She later told a fan she wanted to "clear the air" after receiving so many emails and direct messages, asking if she follows Gothard's "so called 'principles.'"

On Tuesday, she wrote more about her beliefs, adding, "God teaches us to love by placing unlovely people in our lives and all around us. Just smile and be nice no matter what they say or do."

Gothard is the controversial leader of the Institute in Basic Life Principles (IBLP), the church the Duggar family belongs to. Their relationship with the church drew media attention when Josh Duggar went to "counseling" with Gothard after his molestation scandal.

Gothard resigned from the church in 2014, after over 30 women accused him of sexual harassment and molestation, The Washington Post reported at the time. Some of the women filed a lawsuit against him in October 2015. In January 2016, more women joined the lawsuit.

"Oh no. Never never. Oh! That's horrible," Gothard told The Washington Post in January 2016 when asked about the lawsuit and allegations of rape. "Never in my life have I touched a girl sexually. I'm shocked to even hear that."


The Duggar family now appears on Counting On, which airs on TLC.

Photo credit: Instagram/ Amy Duggar