'America's Got Talent': Simon Cowell Makes 13-Year-Old Singer Cry After Performance

America's Got Talent's second night of the quarter finals left one contestant in tears thanks to Simon Cowell's harsh criticism. The NBC competition series is racing through its live quarter finals show, as seven acts compete for a spot in the semifinals.

Charlotte Summers, 13, dazzled the judges and viewers when she first performed during the qualifiers earlier tis summer. Tonight's performance also showcased her powerhouse voice, though Cowell was not as impressed with her choice of song.

In the pre-taped package, the singer said she was ready to "fight like a fighter" to secure her spot further in the competition. She then came out and performed a beautiful cover of the Shirley Bassey song, "Diamonds Are Forever," famously writing for the James Bond film of the same name, Entertainment Tonight first reported.

After finishing her beautiful cover of the track, Summers broke character and thanked the audience given their big response to her amazing performance.

Julianne Hough had some critique to the performance, telling Summers she believed the song didn't allow her to showcase her personality enough. However, she complimented her obvious talents after the performance.

Cowell and Howie Mandel also criticized Summers' song choice. Cowell even called it a "terrible, terrible song choice," leaving the young girl in tears as the audience booed the judges' words.

Despite his criticism, Simon said that Summers deserves the votes to keep going in the competition, thanks to her stunning voice and talent.

Fans took to Twitter to also give their take on the emotional moment during the live show, some complimenting Summers' talent while also agreeing she might not have picked the right song for the night.

Along with Summers, fans also got to enjoy performances from singer Chris Klafford, singer Joseph Allen, dance group Light Balance Kids, dancer Marina Mazepa, the Ndlovu Youth Choir, sideshow Nick & Lindsay, opera singer Robert Finley, comedian Ryan Niemiller, violinist Tyler Butler-Figueroa and dance group V. Unbeatable.

V. Unbeatable received the Golden Buzzer from former NBA star Dwyane Wade, who said he was blown away by their routine.


"My heart is beating at a rapid pace that I haven't felt before," Wade said before hitting the Golden Buzzer. "As a former athlete there's... 29 on the stage. I know the practice time it takes... I have this thing that whenever I hit a game winner, I'd jump up on the stand and say 'this is my house,' and today, on this stage. This is y'all's house."

America's Got Talent airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET on NBC. The results of the night's voting will be revealed in a special episode Wednesday, Aug. 21 at 8 p.m. ET on NBC.