Lionel Richie Sings 'Hello' With 'American Idol' Host Ryan Seacrest

During Sunday night's episode of American Idol, Ryan Seacrest got a rare opportunity to sing on stage.

Brandon Diaz, a huge Lionel Richie fan, performed a great rendition of "Hello" in front of his idol, who expressed how much he loved the performance.

"I'm sitting here sweating, going 'Please God, just let him own it.'" Richie said. "And I must admit, you owned it at the end, but I was terrified for you."

The other judges, Katy Perry and Luke Bryan, also praised the performance. Bryan said it was not a flawless performance, and Perry jumped in saying that Diaz could impress them during the duet night.

But Seacrest did not want for duets night to see Richie and Diaz perform together. He egged on Richie to come to the stage, and Richie could not resist. He sang a little bit of the song before slinging his arm around

Seacrest and goading the host into singing. The audience roared. Diaz came in to make sure no one forgot he was on the stage too!

Fans at home loved the duet and were surprised to hear that Seacrest is actually a good singer.

"That was actually pretty good," one person wrote.

"The duet between [Brandon Diaz] [Lionel Richie] was absolutely everything. Made my night singing 'Hello,'" one viewer wrote.

One person was "shook" after hearing Seacrest.

"Wow! Ryan Seacrest can sing!! He's got my vote for 2018 American Idol," another Seacrest fan wrote.


Is it possible for Seacrest to win? Some fans would love to see it.

Photo: ABC